How to Use GPT-3 to 10X Your Productivity: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to produce high-quality content?

The Lazy Productivity Script, a powerful Generative AI Python tool that uses OpenAI’s Whisper and GPT-3 to generate content with minimal effort. With just a few clicks, you can create social media posts, emails, videos, and more in under five minutes.

To use the script, simply record your ideas in an mp3 file, place it in a designated folder, and run the Python script. The script will convert the audio file into a text file and use GPT-3 to generate content based on the prompts you provide.

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How the GPT-3 Productivity Script Works

The Lazy Productivity Script is a powerful Python content-generation tool that leverages OpenAI’s Whisper and GPT-3 to produce high-quality content with minimal effort

To begin the script, users record their ideas and thoughts loosely in an mp3 file. This is then saved in a folder, and the lazy productivity script, which is written in Python, converts the audio into a text file. GPT-3 is then used to generate the desired content based on the user’s prompts. This content can be blogs, newsletters, social media posts, emails, videos, and more.

The script takes the mp3 file and converts it into a text file. It then uses gpt3 to take the relevant prompts and generate content based on them. This content is then saved in a folder and can be used in various formats.

The process is incredibly easy to use and can generate high-quality content in under five minutes. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can create entire social media posts, emails, videos, and more, making it an incredibly powerful tool for anyone looking to produce content quickly and efficiently.


Steps to Use the Lazy Productivity GPT-3 Python Script

You can following the step-by-step process on how to create quality content by just recording your notes and then the Python script with GPT will produce the content for you from your audio notes. Here are the 9 steps:

1. Record your ideas or thoughts on a topic and save it as an MP3 file

The first step to use the lazy productivity script is to record your ideas or thoughts in an MP3 file. Make sure to record your thoughts clearly so that the OpenAI Whisper software can successfully transcribe it. It helps to use a voice recorder or recording software for this step.

2. Place the MP3 file in a folder

Once the MP3 file has been recorded, place the file in the designated folder. Make sure the file can be easily accessed and is stored safely

3. Run the Python script

Once the file is in the folder, it is time to run the Python script. The script will leverage OpenAI’s whisper to transcribe and save the recording as a text file. Make sure that all of the necessary software is installed in order for the script to run successfully.

4. Use GPT-3 to create content based on the prompts you provide

After the script is finished running, the generated file will contain the prompts you provided. Using the GPT-3 model, the script will create content such as blog posts, newsletters and emails based on the best prompts.

5. Copy the path of the MP3 file

Then paste it into the Python script where it asks for the file name. This will ensure that the correct file is used with the script.

6. Run the Python script

7. Take a look at the saved content from the script

This will include summaries, social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, etc.

After the script is finished, the generated content will be saved for your review. Take a look at the content and ensure that it meets your standards.

8. Make sure that the content generated is up to your standards

When the content has been generated to your liking, you can copy and paste it into other places. This could be your blog, social media accounts, emails, etc.

9. Copy and paste the generated content wherever you need it

Once the content has been published or sent out, take note of the results. This can help you determine if the script was successful or needs further improvement.


Examples of Generated Content

Here are some examples generated from my audio notes about GPT-4 and text-to-movies AI toughts:


In this talk, the speaker discussed their excitement for GPT-4 and its implications on creativity, media and more, while imagining the potential of a multimodal model using GPT-4 and Dall-E 3, as well as what text to video and text to music could do with this large data set once they have great compute.

They also spoke of the potential to be a media company alone and consider it’s a perfect time to learn new skills and get on the coding world.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Excitement and implications of GPT-4 and Dall-E 3.
  2. Imagining a multimodal model
  1. What text to video and text to music could do
  2. Potential of being a media company alone 5. A great time to learn new skills such as code

Social Media


I’m so excited about GPT-4 and exploring long form prompts! Comparing the models is going to be enlightening and think of the possibilities with multimodal models, text to video, AI Editors. This could change the landscape of creative work. Happy New Year to everyone and setting new skills!


Bigger and better things on #AI to come in @2023! From GPT-4 and long form prompts to multimodal models, with AI editors. Get ready as it could disrupt creative work significantly withso much productivity potential!


In conclusion, the Lazy Productivity Script is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to boost their productivity and generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Using OpenAI’s Whisper and GPT-3, the Python script makes it easy to create social media posts, emails, videos, and more in just a few minutes.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a content creator, or just looking to streamline your work, the Lazy Productivity Script is a must-have tool in your productivity toolkit.

So, give it a try and take your productivity to the next level!


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