How to Make Money with AI: Website Automation – Case Study Part 1

The proliferation of technology in our everyday lives has opened up an array of possibilities for making money online using AI tools. At the forefront of these advancements is artificial intelligence (AI), a game-changer that has introduced novel opportunities for digital entrepreneurs.

One particularly exciting prospect is website automation, more specifically, using AI to automate content generation.

My journey into this realm began when I initiated an AI-focused side hustle case study on website automation. In just 2 hours I have been able to publish more than 50 blog posts, complete with relevant images and some YouTube videos.

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The AI Website Automation Process – Step-by-Step

Here is the step-by-step process of how it set up this automated workflow. There will be a more in detail guide on my YouTube channel membership page.

Step 1: Outlining the Blueprint for Website Monetization Through Automation

Embarking on an AI-oriented side hustle requires careful planning and strategic thinking. This venture is designed to serve as a passive income source that capitalizes on AI tools. The objective is to limit the time spent on this project to no more than 30 minutes each day, keeping it true to its label as a side hustle.

The strategy centers around creating a library of approximately 300 blog posts on a designated niche, embedding around 50 YouTube videos within these posts, acquiring backlinks for enhanced SEO performance, and consistently monitoring website traffic.

In terms of monetization, ads will be strategically placed across the website, affiliate links will be incorporated within blog posts, and other monetization methods will be explored as the project evolves. The financial target is set at earning $20 each day, which sums up to $140 per week. After a span of three to six months, the project’s success or failure will be evaluated.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Website – Domain Acquisition & SEO Mapping

The starting point in this process involves securing a fitting domain name. For this specific project, I employed the GPT-4  model to generate domain name ideas within the personal development space with a focus on longevity. After weighing several options, we ultimately settled on

Once we had our domain name, we moved on to SEO planning for all the topics we planned to cover in this niche.

This step involved mapping out an SEO topical plan that included subcategories such as motivations and goals, self-improving techniques under personal development; understanding longevity, healthy lifestyle under longevity; and a resource page with links to renowned experts and doctors in this field.

picture of a man working on AI automation on a website to make money online as a side hustle

Step 3: Content Generation Through Automation

With our domain name secured and SEO plan mapped out, it was time to automate content generation for our website. For this task, we turned to GPT-4 technology which generated a list of blog post titles under each subtopic identified – like “Understanding Longevity”. Armed with these titles, I began creating these blog posts using Zapier – an AI automation tool.

Initially, I set up an account and secured API keys from OpenAI. We then created a Google Sheet with columns designated for title and description. These blog post titles and descriptions were fed into OpenAI which subsequently generated content based on these prompts. This newly generated content was saved onto a second spreadsheet.

To create images for each blog post, Dall-E 2 was employed to automate image creation based on prompts defined within Zapier. In addition, we connected our WordPress site to Zapier via an app ensuring that every time a new post was created in our spreadsheet it would be automatically posted on our WordPress site.

Finally, once Dall-E 2 generated images were uploaded into WordPress as our featured image for each post, our automated content generation process was finalized.

Step 4: Launching & Monitoring

With everything set up from acquiring a domain name to automating the content generation process using Zapier and OpenAI technologies; it was time to launch the website and monitor its performance. Initial results have been promising with several pages being indexed by Google within just 24 hours of their creation.

We are ranking for some specific keywords in search engines and our embedded YouTube videos are appearing within top ten results for relevant searches. We have initiated traffic monitoring protocols and plan on working towards acquiring backlinks in due course.

picture of a man working on AI automation on a website to make money online as a side hustle

Conclusion: The Exciting Future of Website Automation

Website automation leveraging AI tools affords efficiency in content generation without necessitating substantial time investment – making it an ideal side hustle for anyone looking to make some extra money online.

If you’re interested in launching your own automated website or are intrigued by how AI can propel your online money-making endeavors; stay tuned as we continue sharing updates on this channel about our case study on website automation with AI.

Future case studies will explore other areas such as video creation using AI tools, shorts production leveraging AI technologies, email marketing automation utilizing AI agents among others.


What is Website Automation Using AI, and How Can I Make Money with It?

Website automation using AI involves automating content generation, including articles and images, for a website. By leveraging tools like GPT-4 and Dall-E 2, you can create a library of blog posts and monetize through ads, affiliate links, and other methods. This enables a passive income source with minimal daily effort, making it a viable side hustle.

How Can AI Website Automation Help Me Make Money Online?

AI website automation allows you to efficiently generate and manage content for your website. By creating a library of automated blog posts and strategically placing ads, affiliate links, and other monetization methods, you can create a passive income stream. This method leverages AI tools to limit the daily time investment, making it an attractive option for anyone looking to make extra money online. The financial target can be set according to your goals, such as earning $20 each day or $140 per week, and progress can be evaluated over time.

What is the Strategy for Monetizing a Website Through Automation and AI, and How Can I Start My Own Project?

The strategy for monetizing a website through automation and AI involves creating a library of blog posts, embedding YouTube videos, acquiring backlinks for SEO, and monitoring traffic. Monetization methods include placing ads, incorporating affiliate links, and exploring other revenue channels. To start your own project, you’ll need to outline a blueprint for website monetization, acquire a domain, map out an SEO plan, and utilize tools like GPT-4 and Zapier for content generation. By following a step-by-step process, you can set up an AI-oriented side hustle designed to generate passive income online.

What Tools and Technologies Are Used for Automated Content Generation?

Automated content generation typically employs AI technologies like GPT-4 for generating blog post titles and content. Tools like Zapier can be used for process automation, while Dall-E 2 can automate image creation. Connecting these tools with platforms like WordPress allows for an end-to-end automated content creation process.

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