How to Make Money with AI: Short Form Video – Case Study 2

In the digital age, short-form video content is rapidly emerging as the preferred mode of communication. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have seen an exponential rise in user engagement, primarily driven by bite-sized, engaging content that is easy to consume and share.

This trend has opened up a myriad of opportunities for content creators and marketers to make money online. However, producing high-quality, engaging short-form videos consistently can be a daunting task.

Luckily, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s possible to automate the process, maintaining content quality while saving both time and effort.

In this blog post, I share my first-hand experience on Automating short form video content as a practical AI side hustle.

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Make Money with AI: Video Content – Step-by-Step Guide

Here you can see my process on how I think about automating short form video content with the help of AI-tools like Opus Clips or Midjoruney + RunwayML Gen2.

Step 1: The Importance of Picking the Right Niche

The journey to making money with AI in short-form video starts with picking your niche. This is a crucial decision that can significantly influence your project’s success and how much money you can make online.

For this case study, I chose the niche of longevity, health optimization, and exercise – a topic area that not only interests me but also features abundant content on platforms like YouTube.

Having ample source material is essential as it allows you to create fresh and engaging short clips for your audience without running out of ideas.

Step 2: Leverage AI Tools for Efficient Content Creation

After defining your niche, the next step involves creating your content using AI tools. In this project, I used a versatile tool called Opus Pro or Opus Clip. This AI-powered tool allows you to select a specific range within a YouTube video and clip it into smaller sections suitable for short-form content.

To do this, simply copy the link of a YouTube video relevant to your niche and paste it into Opus Clip. Set your desired frame range. You can also choose your preferred clip length. I recommend going for clips between 30 seconds to 60 seconds – long enough to provide valuable information but short enough to retain viewer interest.

Once you’ve set these parameters, hit ‘Get Clips.’ Opus Clip then processes your request and within about ten minutes, you have several neatly clipped videos ready for download.

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Step 3: Enhancing Your Clips with Editing

Having downloaded the clips from Opus Clip, it’s time to add some enhancements. I use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing my clips – adding music tracks for engagement, tweaking the sound quality if needed, adding effects for visual appeal and sometimes even adding captions for accessibility.

Step 4: Transforming Images into Short-Form Videos

One interesting approach to creating short-form video content involves transforming static images into animated videos using RunwayML. This AI tool can turn a static image into an animated 4-second video clip that can serve as an engaging visual supplement or stand-alone short video.

To do this, simply upload an image onto RunwayML’s ‘Image to Video’ tool and wait as it transforms your static image into an attractive 4-second video clip. You can then import these clips into your editing software (like Adobe Premiere Pro) and further enhance them with music or captions.

Step 5: Regularly Scheduling Your Videos

Once you have a batch of ready-to-post videos at hand, scheduling them becomes key. Consistency in posting is crucial – viewers appreciate regular content updates and are more likely to subscribe to channels that offer this. Fortunately, YouTube offers a scheduling feature that allows you to plan out your posts in advance.

For this project, I set out to schedule one video per day on YouTube ensuring a steady stream of fresh content for viewers. Remarkably, I was able to schedule all my videos for the week within an hour – efficient time management that leaves room for other tasks.

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Monetizing Your Short-Form Video Content: The Long-Term Goal

The ultimate goal of this project is not just about creating engaging content – it’s about generating a passive income source through monetization on YouTube. This means placing ads on your videos once you meet YouTube’s eligibility criteria – which requires consistency in posting high-quality content over time.

Remember that while this may seem like a daunting task at first glance – with patience and consistency coupled with the power of AI automation tools at your disposal – achieving this goal becomes significantly more manageable!

Conclusion: The Power of AI in Short-Form Video Content Creation

The potential of AI in automating short-form video content creation is vast and largely untapped. With the right tools and strategy in place, you can create high-quality videos with minimal effort – making it an excellent opportunity for anyone looking at leveraging their creativity into a profitable side hustle.

Remember that success won’t come overnight; it requires consistent effort over time – but with AI at your disposal – this journey becomes much more feasible! So why wait? Start your YouTube Automation journey today!


What are the steps to create short-form videos using AI?

The process includes picking the right niche, leveraging AI tools like Opus Clips for content creation, enhancing clips with editing, transforming images into videos, scheduling posts consistently, and monetizing the content on YouTube.

How can AI tools like Opus Clip and RunwayML Gen2 help in video content creation?

Opus Clip allows you to clip YouTube videos into smaller sections suitable for short-form content, while RunwayML can turn a static image into an animated 4-second video clip. Together, they facilitate the creation of engaging visual content.

What is the importance of consistency in posting short-form video content?

Consistency in posting is crucial for viewer engagement and subscription. Regular content updates help in meeting YouTube’s eligibility criteria for monetization, leading to a passive income source.

How can AI be used to make money online with short-form video content?

AI can automate the process of creating engaging short-form videos, allowing content creators to monetize their content on platforms like YouTube. By maintaining quality and saving time, AI tools like Opus Clips and RunwayML Gen2 enable a profitable side hustle.

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