How to Turn Your Drawings Into Art with Midjourney V4

Are you an artist who struggles with drawing? Or maybe you’re just not that great at drawing. Either way, Midjourney V4 can help transform your drawings into beautiful works of art. 

All you need is a simple sketch and Midjourney will take care of the rest.

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How to transform your drawings into art with Midjourney V4 – Step by Step

Even though I am horrible at drawing, Midjourney V4 can take my bad sketches and turn them into something awesome. I think this Generative AI technology is a great way for real artists to take advantage of the AI art space.

Because the better you are at drawing your initial input, the better and more precise result you will get. 

Let’s have a look at how you can do this step by step:

1. Draw something

Before you start drawing, think about what you want to sketch. It can be anything – a character, a landscape, a scene from a favorite movie, etc. Once you have an idea, start sketching it out on paper. Don’t worry about possible mistakes – just let your creativity flow. If you want, you can add colors to your sketch. 

2. Upload the picture to Midjourney

Once you’re happy with your sketch, take a picture of it. 

3. Copy the image URL. This will be used in the next step. 

4. Paste the URL.

Write /imagine in Midjourney and paste your URL link, make a space before your prompt.

5. Now it’s time to write a prompt for your sketch. 

A prompt is a short description of what you want or what you think will fit your drawing. It’s up to you what to write – be creative! In my example drawing, I used the prompt “Green D&D 5e monster, epic background, popping color, by Jeff Easley –v 4”. 

6. Enjoy the result.

Now all you have to do is wait for Midjourney to transform your sketch into a great drawing!

Midjourney V4 – Results from my transformed drawings

Let’s take a look at a few of my before / after results from my sketches. And how they turned out in Midjourney:

1. Monster

Here I tried to draw a scary green monster that was breathing flames. You can see below how Midjourney interpreted this. Very happy with the results.

Prompt: “Green D&D 5e monster, epic background, popping color, by Jeff Easley –v 4”


2. Female

Here i tried to draw a beautiful woman, but i failed quite hard haha. But with help from Midjourney this turned out pretty good anyway.

Prompt: beautiful woman, super nintendo graphics, –v 4 –q 2


3. Block Art

Here I drew some kind of block art style. Did not really know what I was going for here, but it turned out pretty cool. Even better when I feed this to Midjourney to transform the input.

Prompt: “isometric diorama, bioluminescent, intricate details, 16 bit pixel art –q 2 –v 4”



Overall, I am really happy with the results I got from using Midjourney V4. It helped take my drawings to the next level and I was really surprised at how well it worked. 

If you are an artist who struggles with drawing, or even if you’re just not that great at drawing, I would highly recommend giving Midjourney V4 a try.


    • It’s funny how a seasoned artist needs to badmouth others just so he can feel good about himself, even though his exceptional skills should be more than enough to just feel content.

      You’re manifesting the classic traits of a narcissist.

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