How to Give ChatGPT a Real Time Voice

Want to give ChatGPT a real-time voice? I can show you how to add it step-by-step using ChatGPT from OpenAI. Also, OpenAI has made ChatGPT more affordable, providing access to versatile language analysis and speech-to-text functionalities. Additionally, Eleven Labs specializes in voice technology, providing impressive speech synthesis, voice conversion, and dubbing tools for content creators. These technologies have exciting potential to enhance the way we interact with AI and spoken content.

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How to Add a Real-Time Voice to ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you as obsessed with generative AI and ChatGPT APIs as we are? Well, you’re in luck because we have a special treat for you today. We’ve added a real-time voice to ChatGPT, and it’s just hilarious and very cool. So let me show you how you can do it too, step-by-step.

Step 1: Create a Script

First things first, you need to create a script using the ChatGPT API. This script will be the foundation of your real-time voice chatbot. The script should include everything you want your bot to be able to say and respond to. Make sure to test your script and make necessary adjustments before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Add the Eleven Labs API

Now it’s time to add the Eleven Labs API on top of your ChatGPT script. This is what will allow your chatbot to speak in real-time with a voice. Again, test your script and make necessary adjustments before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Run the Script and Start a Conversation

You can run the final script in a terminal or in Google Colab. Once you start a conversation with the ChatGPT API, the answers you receive will be in a real-time voice. It’s that simple and so much fun!


Step 4: Customize Your Persona

Now it’s time to customize your persona. You can create personas that will respond with different tones, attitudes, and even accents. In our example, we’ve created a 4chan Reddit troll named Sydney, a psychologist, a woman in her 20s named Julie, and an old man in his 80s named Norm.

Step 5: Have Fun with Your Chatbot

Now that your chatbot is up and running with a real-time voice, it’s time to have some fun! Try out different prompts, personas, engage in conversations, and see what kind of responses you get. Keep in mind that each persona should have a clear tone and attitude, so think about what kind of personality you want your chatbot to have.

In conclusion, adding a real-time voice to ChatGPT is simple and straightforward. Just create your script with the ChatGPT API, add the Eleven Labs API, and run the script in a terminal or in Google Colab. Customize your persona and start having fun with your new chatbot.

What is the ChatGPT API?

OpenAI has just made their ChatGPT and Whisper models available on their API, providing developers with access to cutting-edge language and speech-to-text capabilities.

What’s even better is that OpenAI has made substantial cost reductions, with the ChatGPT model now 90% cheaper since December, making it more accessible to businesses that want to leverage its capabilities to develop next-gen apps.

The ChatGPT API offers a new model family, the gpt-3.5-turbo, priced at $0.002 per 1k tokens, making it 10x cheaper than its existing model counterparts. Additionally, it is ideal for many non-chat use cases and is the same as the ChatGPT product’s model.


But what makes the ChatGPT model unique? While traditional GPT models consume unstructured text represented as a sequence of tokens, ChatGPT models consume a sequence of messages with metadata, provided in a new format called Chat Markup Language. This change allows for better dialogue and context analysis, allowing the model to better interact with users.

Not only does OpenAI offer ChatGPT upgrades continually, but the API now allows for dedicated capacity, giving developers deeper control over the models. OpenAI is also launching a new version called gpt-3.5-turbo-0301, which will receive support until at least June 1st, with a new stable release expected in April, showing the continuous improvements and attention to developer needs.

In other words, the ChatGPT API provides immense value to developers in enhancing and streamlining their models’ capabilities, providing versatile language analysis and speech-to-text functionalities. This is exciting news for everyone, especially those in the AI space, looking forward to new and improved chat-based interactions in various applications.


What is Eleven Labs?

Eleven Labs is a research company that specializes in voice technology, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide powerful automatic dubbing, voice conversion, and speech synthesis tools for content creators, production studios, and web platforms across industries. Their unique dubbing tool can automatically re-voice videos in different languages while preserving the original speaker’s voice.

They are also equipped with tools for voice conversion and speech generation that allows them to deliver human-like voices that mimic the original speakers’ tone, style, and delivery. 

Their speech generation technology is arguably the most impressive of their offerings. By exposing their AIs to vast amounts of human-speech data, they have trained it to understand both the contextual and emotional aspects of utterances, thereby improving fluency and naturalness in speech conversion.

In addition, Eleven is developing dedicated tools for speech-to-speech translation that maintain speaker identity across languages, producing multilingual, localized audio tracks spoken with native-grade fluency and vocabulary, in your own voice, with your speech pattern preserved, and without the need to re-edit the visuals.

Eleven Labs envisions a future where spoken content is accessible in any language across different mediums such as films, streaming, gaming, podcasts, audiobooks, and real-time conversations. Through their technology, they aim to enable creators to expand their reach and help audiences discover content they find relevant and captivating, regardless of the language they understand.



In conclusion, the combination of the ChatGPT API and Eleven Labs’ voice technology offers an exciting glimpse into the future of AI and voice-based interactions.

With the ability to create chatbots with real-time voices and sophisticated speech synthesis, the potential for enhancing the way we interact with AI and spoken content is endless.

Developers now have access to affordable and cutting-edge language and speech-to-text capabilities, making it more accessible to businesses and creators who want to leverage its capabilities to develop next-gen apps.

Eleven Labs’ research on voice technology enables content creators and production studios to expand their reach by creating localized audio tracks in different languages with native-grade fluency, thereby making spoken content accessible across different mediums.

The future looks bright for the intersection of AI and voice technology, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.


  1. Good morning,
    I find it very interesting What You are doing.
    Can you share The Script with me.
    Is it also possible to talk to chatGPT

    Thank you very much


  2. I’m thinking about creating a plugin for my IDE and would love to have an API-powered debugging pal ~~
    Really curious to see what the scripts look like ~~

  3. Hi Kristian! This is great! I would like to be able to generate real-time voice to say different things with emotion (Like with excitement if there were a exclamation mark or as a question, etc). Would be nice if you can please share your code?

  4. Easily the most impressive video I have seen on this hybrid between ChatGPT and real-time voice! Would you mind sharing the code at all? I would love to have a tinker under the hood and see how you made this all work.

  5. Hi Kristian,
    Great work. Can you send me the script. IΒ΄d like to try this in my lecture to show what AI can do right now. This would be very helpful.

  6. This is really awesome, I am trying to make it that way, for a further step, I hope it can drive an avator, which looks like there is a real human standing there and chatting with you!

    If it could, really hope you can share the tutorials and script with me, I appreciate for that. Thank you.

  7. Hi! Loved it as well. Would you be kind enough to send me an email as well with his to try this out?

  8. Hi.. love your videos.. can you send me the script too??
    Also what do you think about a chatbot for e-commerce site? Users come and they start chatting with a personna we created and get help to their questions…

  9. Hi Kristian!

    Like everyone else on here, I’m finding your content amazing and really instructive on how I can actually use GPT tech in my daily life and you’ve inspired me to learn to (basic) programming so I can make the most of the it.

    Please could you share send me the ChatGPT real-time voice tutorial and script 😬


  10. Just discovered your channel. I’m an instant subscriber! Would love to learn to do this.
    Could I please have access to the script as well?

  11. What a fantastic job! I am very excited about these new possibilities. Can you share the script with me? I would like to talk in real-time with ChatGPT too

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