GPT-3 text-Davinci-003 Model – First Impression: Next Level AI Writing

Are you looking for a powerful new tool to help improve your writing or create original content quickly? Look no further than the new GPT-3 text-Davinci-003 model. 

From testing done using the playground, the model is able to handle complex instructions, generate more engaging content, and long form content with impressive detail. 

In this post, I will share my first impressions of the GPT-3 text-DaVinci-003 model and the results of testing I conducted. So, let’s dive into this next level Generative AI writing tool and see what it can do!

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What is the GPT-3 text-davinci-003 model?

The GPT-3 Text-DaVinci-003 model is a deep learning model released by OpenAI which is an improvement on the previous Text-DaVinci-002 model. 

It is a part of the GPT model family and was created in order to provide developers with improved creativeness and content creation capabilities. 

The GTP-3 model has enhanced commands and produces higher quality writing. It also has improved long form content generation and is able to handle complex instructions. We have also seen the leaps in this field with the recant relase of OpenAI`s ChatGPT.


How did I test the new GPT-3 text-davinci-003 model?

The test of the new GPT-3 text-DaVinci-003 model began by examining how it differed from the previous text-DaVinci-002 model. Initially, the test was conducted through the playground. 

A first test was conducted on more engaging content by presenting the model with a script outline draft about artificial general intelligence. The results of both models were compared. 

The second test was to generate long-form content with GPT-3. The prompt was detailed information in long-form about the history of AI. The third test was complex instructions by asking the model to write relevant questions about AGI and answer them, followed by a summary of the answers.


The results of the testing were impressive. When generating more engaging content, the text-DaVinci-003 model created a more detailed and sophisticated script outline. When generating long-form content, the new GPT-3 model provided higher quality text and was easier to read

On the complex instruction test, the 003 model provided three detailed answers with a sentiment report, and a well-written summary and conclusion. This was a huge improvement from the results of text-DaVinci-002.

The final test was done with GPT-3 and a Python script, in which a prompt was given to imagine and write three in-depth questions from a given text from an article I found on the web, and then to answer them in great detail. 

The text-DaVinci-003 model displayed impressive results, providing in-depth and accurate answers along with a sentiment report, and a well-written summary and conclusion. 

Clearly, the text-DaVinci-003 model represented a huge improvement over the text-DaVinci-002 model, and offered considerable potential for application in various fields.


If you want to see all the prompts and results watch the YouTube video on top of the page. I had three tests I wanted to run in the playground: engaging content, long form content, and complex instructions.

The First Test – Engaging Content

To start, I tested the more engaging content. I copied our prompt of an example YouTube script outline draft about artificial general intelligence and compared the results. 

I can see from the results that the GPT-3 Text-DaVinci-003 model was much more advanced, with suggestions such as a video title, description, script outline, introduction, current state of AGI, revolutionizing the way I act with tech, and conclusion/recap. I am impressed with the detail and accuracy!


The Second Test – Long Form Content

Second, I tested long form content with a prompt by detailing information in long form about the history of AI. I also noticed a significant advancement from the Text-DaVinci-003 model.

I can see from the results that GTP-3 Text-DaVinci-003 was much more detailed, noting the names of people such as Alan Turing, John McCarthy, and Arthur Samuel. Even the length of the received responses is about the same, but the quality was much higher and easier to read.

The Third Test – Complex Instructions

Finally, I tested the ability to handle complex instructions. 

It was very impressive to see the results from Text-DaVinci-003 – it produced three relevant questions about AGI with detailed ansIrs and a sentiment report of each as Ill as a summary and conclusion. 

I am quite impressed with how it was able to handle this quite complex instruction.


Overall, I was both impressed and excited to see the results from GPT-3 text-DaVinci-003. I noticed a huge improvement from Text-DaVinci-002, that included higher quality writing, more complex instructions, and better long form content generation

The results I received from our tests prove that Text-DaVinci-003 has the potential to be used in new and creative ways by developers. I am looking forward to testing out this advanced model further in the near future!


The GPT-3 Text-DaVinci-003 model is a remarkable advancement in AI writing technology that offers powerful capabilities for creative and original content creation. 

From my testing using the playground, I have seen the model’s capacity for complex instructions, generating high-level writing, and providing long-form content with impressive detail. 

The Text-DaVinci-003 model is a revolutionary tool that developers can leverage to innovate their work and create meaningful content quickly. 

I am incredibly excited to see how this model continues to evolve and what potential applications this next-level AI writing tool will offer

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