ChatGPT + Midjourney V4: Unleash Generative AI Power!

Are you ready to take part in creating the future? 

Combining the AI technology of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 and the revolutionary AI architecture of Midjourney V4 creates an incredible prospect for humans to design and create incredible visual representations of our imaginations. 

From crafting text to generating ideas, ChatGPT offers accuracy and safety while Midjourney V4 grants us the tools to generate ultra-realistic images using prompts. 

In this showcase, we explore the potential of this insane combo and see it can bring us closer to becoming the authors of our own reality.

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What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 is a revolutionary chatbot that leverages the Generative AI and conversation technology to let people accomplish tasks such as coding, writing essays, composing stories, and decorating rooms. 

It is based on the GPT-3.5 model and has been modified to provide more interactive responses. Thanks to reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to fine-tune ChatGPT, its accuracy and safety have been improved. 

The primary applications of this conversational AI are aiding creative projects, search queries and adding entertainment. It can be utilized to work on speeches, blog posts or to generate ideas for interviews. 

Furthermore, it may one day overtake search engines such as Google. Despite its numerous advantages, ChatGPT still has its own limitations like producing waffles and disseminating misinformation. 

OpenAI hopes that with GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT’s release, their AI technology can get even better in terms of safety and usefulness. 

Take a try at ChatGPT here ( and experience its amazing capabilities!

What is Midjourney V4?

Midjourney V4 is a revolutionary AI architecture and codebase that has been in development for over nine months. This model is designed to create ultra-realistic images from the Midjourney prompt authors’ imaginations. 

It promises to be the beginning of something groundbreaking that can revolutionize how we generate design. 

Some of the new features on the Midjourney V4 includes better precision, more fulfilling prompt author’s imagination and stricter rules around their “don’t be a jerk or create images to cause drama” policy. 

With this new AI architecture, Midjoruney hopes that they can enable humans to create more beautiful, outstanding and awe-inspiring designs in the near future.

How did I combine ChatGPT with Midjourney V4?

Combining ChatGPT and Midjourney V4 is a powerful trick to create amazing visual descriptions. Here I demonstrate how to use prompt engineering to do this:

1. To begin, you type in some instructions to ChatGPT (e.g., “imagine unknown alien planets’ ‘) and get a list of three alien planets in response. 

2. Then ask ChatGPT to condense it to focus on nouns and adjectives with commas, and copy the prompt to use in Midjourney. 

3. I also use the description to create a voiceover in Azure Speech Studio that describes the planet. This can then be used combined with images to create an amazing video.

Combining ChatGPT and Midjourney V4 is an incredibly powerful tool with a range of applications.

The Results of Combining ChatGPT with Midjourney V4

Here you can see some of the results I got when combining ChatGPT with Midjourney V4, if you want to see all results and the video check out the YouTube video on top of this page.


Undiscovered Creature


The electric eel hog is a small, burrowing creature with a long, slender body and a pair of spiny, electric organs running down its back. It uses these organs to shock and stun its prey, before dragging them back to its underground lair. It is a nocturnal animal, typically found in damp, marshy environments. Its spiny back and electric organs make it a formidable predator, but it is also known to be fiercely territorial and will defend its territory against any intruders.


The electric eel hog,biting in the air, small, burrowing, long, slender, spiny, electric, nocturnal, damp, marshy, formidable, fiercely territorial –v 4 –ar 3:2


Undiscovered Tech


A device that can manipulate time. It would allow a user to speed up, slow down, or even pause time for themselves or for objects in their surroundings. This could have a wide range of applications, from everyday tasks like speeding up a tedious task or slowing down a fast-moving object, to more complex uses like pausing time to avoid dangerous situations or to allow for intricate surgeries. It would be a highly advanced and potentially powerful technology, with many potential uses and implications.


a device, manipulate time, speed up, slow down, pause time, everyday tasks, tedious, fast-moving object, dangerous situations, intricate surgeries, advanced, powerful technology, clean white background, –v 4 –ar 3:2


Undiscovered Planet


landscape, endless oceans, life, native species, aquatic, advanced technologies, societies, peaceful, exploration, scientific discovery, knowledge, cooperation, harmony, understanding, thriving, prosperous –v 4 –ar 3:2


In this ChatGPT + Midjourney V4 Showcase, we have explored the power of combining two revolutionary technologies to create stunning visuals from imagination. 

ChatGPT offers unparalleled accuracy and safety, while Midjourney V4 enables us to generate realistic images from prompts.

By combining the two, we have a powerful tool for crafting visual stories and creating a reality of our own. 

We can only imagine the possibilities that this combination may unlock in the near future, and look forward to being part of this technological revolution.

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  1. The combination of ChatGPT and Midjourney V4 is a game-changer for unleashing the true potential of generative AI. The possibilities for creative storytelling, virtual assistants, and interactive experiences are endless. Hats off to the developers for pushing the boundaries of AI innovation and opening up a world of exciting possibilities. Can’t wait to see what the future holds with this powerful collaboration!

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