How to get Your YouTube Channel Monetized with Generative AI and Automation

As a new creator on YouTube, it can be challenging to gain traction and grow your channel. Views and subscribers are essential for monetization, but it can be difficult to get started. However, by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, you can create a strategy and content that has a higher chance of success.

I have named this strategy YEAS (YouTube Entrepreneur AI Automation Strategy)

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The AI YouTube Monetization Strategy Sneak Peak

This strategy involves batch uploading videos generated with AI Tools, which can help you get more views and subscribers in a shorter period of time. To do this, first upload a batch of videos all at once. 

Then, wait a week or so before uploading another batch of videos. This will help YouTube algorithms determine your channel as active, and your videos will be more likely to be seen by potential viewers.

In addition to batch uploading, it is also important to focus on creating long-form content. Videos that are 20 minutes or longer tend to perform better than shorter videos, so this is an important element to consider.


Results from the YouTube Entrepreneur AI Automation Strategy (YEAS)

By applying AI and Automation to these two strategies  – batch uploading and creating long-form content – you can increase your chances of success on YouTube. In just 12 days, I achieved over 1300 subscribers, 140,000 views, and 6,000 hours of watch time.

To further analyze your channel’s performance, take a look at your analytics. This will give you insights into your channel’s reach, engagement, and overall performance. By understanding your analytics, you can fine-tune your YouTube automation strategy and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your channel continues to grow.


YouTube Analytics Numbers

Here are some numbers from my first test of this strategy from the first two weeks:

Views: 147,000

Subscribers: 1300 +

Watch Time: 7700 Hours

Impressions: 3.1 Million

CTR: 3.4 %


Overall, by utilizing the power of AI and automation, you can create a successful YouTube channel that makes money. By batch uploading videos and creating long-form content, you can reach a wider audience and grow your channel quickly.

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